The Moraine Valley Broadcast Channel is a podcast platform that distributes student-created content to the students of Moraine Valley Community College. This content is available on this website, on our Soundcloud channel, and on our YouTube Channel.

Who are we?
MVBC is a collaboration between the Library and Liberal Arts intended to support the curriculum by developing an information and media resource for the students of Moraine Valley Community College. MVBC acts as a learning tool for students studying journalism, marketing, social media, or related areas of study. It also presents an opportunity for faculty to enhance the curriculum by using locally created content or developing specialized projects for students through MVBC. The faculty who oversee MVBC hope to encourage the exchange of ideas on campus.


  1. Encourage the gathering and dissemination of ideas and information for and by Moraine Valley students.
  2. Offer co-curricular activities for students which will provide experiential learning projects related to course content in mass media courses.
  3. Connect a wide variety of topics to the broader curriculum.
  4. Create a locally-focused information source that encourages quality writing, impactful communication, digital literacy, and information literacy skills for students.
  5. Provide an evolving infrastructure that supports new technologies and creativity within our students.

Connections to Journalism Curriculum
Although participation in the creation of program content for MVBC is open to students in all areas of the College, MVBC offers special support for the evolving journalism curriculum. In the 2016-2017 academic year, JRN 102: Introduction to Broadcasting will be offered. Per ICCB standards, this course is intended to prepare students interested in pursuing journalism/mass communications studies with an understanding of broadcasting history, regulations, and techniques. The course will also provide students an opportunity to create content using MVBC as a platform. As part of an assignment for the course, students will record and/or produce content to gain "hands-on" experience using MVBC.

The MVBC “Collection” and Providing Resources to Students
As the department that archives and manages information resources for the College, the Library will be primarily responsible for maintaining and managing the infrastructure supporting MVBC. This includes archiving and providing access to the MVBC files. The Liberal Arts faculty partnering with the Library on this project will have full access to this infrastructure. Additionally, the Library will make software (through the media lab) and hardware such as audio and video recorders (through Library reserves) available to students who are producing content.

The content distributed by MVBC is the copyrighted intellectual property of the students who created it. The copyright holders grant Moraine Valley Community College the right to store and distribute this content through MVBC or other college media channels. This content is made freely available to the Moraine Valley student community for use in personal learning, formal learning within the curriculum, scholarly discourse, or for personal interest. Any other retransmission or duplication without prior approval of the copyright holder is prohibited. Opinions and ideas expressed on the MVBC site and podcasts are the personal views of those expressing them. They do not represent the views of Moraine Valley Community College.